Dan Organ's Milk

Super 8 footage filmed and edited by John W. Morley, Melbourne, Australia 1972

Today the Heart

Made by Andrea Benítez , Hissora Linse, Lúber Mujica and Marty Kelly. Barcelona, May 2012.

Spanish Armada

Directed by Chloé Billebault and Jose Trías. ¨Spanish Armada¨ written by Ratatat. Music by Anna Morley. Produced by Alex Forster. Barcelona, November 2011.


Directed by Alex Forster. Music by Anna Morley. Time-lapse of the recording and mixing of ¨Water Door¨ Berlin and London 2012-2013.


¨Minchia¨ recorded live at Casa Opa, Barcelona 2012. Vibraphone: Anna Morley, Double Bass: Jorge Da Rocha. Directed by Chloé Billebault, Audio by Tomás Bravo Rosati and Vicente Rosati Garcia, Music written by Anna Morley.

Afghan Greyhound

From the album ¨Water Door¨ (2013), Paintings by Marty Kelly theartofmartykelly.com


Stop motion animation and drawing by Tiago Margaça, Berlin 2011.
Music by Anna Morley. Produced by Alex Forster.

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