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Thursday 3rd October, 2013

"Afghan Greyhound" is a soundscape/video piece made by Irish painter Marty Kelly and myself. The images and music were created in response to each other, as a meditation on the lives of refugees. Marty's work focuses on the endurance & strength of the human spirit of those living in regions of conflict, chaos and uncertainty. Today, and until Nov 2nd it will be screened in J.Cacciola Gallery New York as part of exhibition 'Trí' and is available on the new album Water Door.

Thursday 15th August, 2013

A couple of sweet articles have recently been written about the new album. From my old home Barcelona, This is Underground, and here in Berlin from Musikschreibladen. Thank you both for your kind words!

Teusday 13th August, 2013

The band and I have been working on the music for this year's Down Under Berlin Australian Film Festival trailer. Check it out below! We will be playing a little perfomance during the festival in September, and possibly putting shrimps on barbies...

Monday 29th July, 2013

Last week we were on the radio! Check out the podcast of our interview and performance on Radio Eins live from Admiralspalast, Berlin.

Saturday 6th July, 2013

Water Door is here! Now available at Bandcamp. And to celebrate it's release here's a lovely article for IT HUNTER written by Andrés Aguilar Caro and photos by Argi Hamrah. Tonight we launch the album at Fabriktheatre Moabit, come down if you're in the Berlin area!

Thursday 27th June, 2013

Here's a little sneak preview of the new album...

PRESS RELEASE, Berlin, 14.6.2013
Album Launch: WATER DOOR by Anna Morley

Australian multi-instrumentalist / composer Anna Morley will release her third studio album 'Water Door' on the 6th of July at Fabriktheatre, Berlin accompanied by her live band and visuals. Anna is principally a vibraphonist, but also lends her talents to violin, vocals and a range of keyboard and percussion instruments. Anna will perform with Dhari Vij (Australia) on double bass and Phil Loof (Germany) on guitars. The ensemble has been working together since March and are planning to tour Europe at the end of the year.
'Water Door' was recorded, mixed and produced by Alex Forster in Berlin and London. Anna recently relocated to Berlin after residing in Barcelona for the past seven years where she wrote and released both her debut EP Character (2009, Gazebo Music) and full-length album Red Balance (2011). Anna Morley is currently supported by Berlin's artist collective, OneBeat. CD's will be available for purchase at the launch.

21:00 Saturday 6th July, 2013
Fabriktheater Moabit · Lehrter Straße 35, 10557 Berlin · €5 Tickets at door

Tuesday 16th April, 2013
I'm so very happy to announce that I've been welcomed into Berlin's OneBeat artist collective! A non-profit organization supporting Berlin-based artists and an annually changing social project from the city. You can read the full blog and check out my OneBeat profile by clicking the image below. Thanks for having me guys, looking forward to the journey ahead, huzzah!

Monday 1st April, 2013

New Film Clip! Made by Chloé Billebault, who also directed the beautiful clip for my song Spanish Armada. An acoustic rendition of Minchia with Jorge da Rocha on double bass, filmed and recorded on a hot summer's morning in Barcelona. Big thanks to Chloé and also Tomás Bravo Rosati and Vicente Rosati Garcia for their sound work.

Monday 14th January, 2013

Hello there brand new year! Charrua and I will be playing some shows around Berlin and Hamburg during February. In March I will begin mixing my new album, can't wait to show you the new tunes... Until then x

Wednesday 19th December, 2012

What a wonderful year it's been! Recording my third album and playing my first shows in Berlin, sehr schön. Especially for the holiday season, ¨Morley's Xmas Special¨ is here. My two albums Red Balance (2011) and Character (2009) together in sparkling digital download for €10!

Take your pick:

Saturday October 27, 2012

A big month coming up in November. To kick off, I'll be performing in Berlin for the first time with Berlin-based musician and old friend, Charrua (URY). We will be playing on Saturday Nov 3rd at Neukölln's Madame Claude, come on down if you're in the area. On the 5th I will begin recording my new album, once again with Alex Forster (UK) in his long jons behind the mixing desk, and this time round I'm fortunate to have Jorge da Rocha (POR) on double bass. I'm excited to be able to share my new music with you soon. Jorge and I will also be playing somewhere in Berlin on Saturday the 10th, perhaps where you least expect it. More details up on my facebook page.

Friday September 21, 2012

Summer draws to a close and I am settling into life in a spanking new city, Berlin! I am stuck into work for my next album and we'll be recording all new music very soon. More news on the way!

Monday June 18, 2012

I am working on a brand new show called "Eastern Standard Time" in collaboration with Russian poet, anthropologist and documentary maker Sairica Rose and acclaimed Irish contemporary artist, Marty Kelly. It will be a night to remember- original live music, hand-made visuals, poetry, performance art and a few other surprises thrown in. As I will be moving to Berlin next month, it will also be my last show in Barcelona for now, and I'm sure it will be a emotion filled one. Here's the trailer!

Friday May 11, 2012

I am so thrilled to present an extraordinary new clip for my song "Today the Heart", made in Barcelona by Andrea Benítez , Hissora Linse, Lúber Mujica and Marty Kelly. Thank you all for your stunning work, Bravo!

Friday April 13, 2012

Thanks to everyone to made it to our last show at Discos Paradiso! Here's our performance of Heightened Senses. At the end of the month we'll be playing at Inusual Project in Barcelona's Raval.

Saturday March 3, 2012

Back in rehearsal mode for my next shows in Barcelona. On the 16th of March I'll be performing with Portuguese jazz doublebassing machine, Jorge da Rocha at Discos Paradiso, more info over here. Hope to see you at Paradise Records!

Friday February 10, 2012

Estoy flipando! I am flipping! Today I am thrilled to share with you an interview I recently did for SerieBcn. Written by Gerard Daurella and photos taken by Barcelona based photographer Anabel Luna. I've also posted more of her photos which you can view over here. Merci Gerard i Anabel!

Saturday January 21, 2012

I am so stoked to find out that my entry for Bandes Sonores Originals (Original Soundtrack) has been selected for the Barcelona Visual Sound Festival 2012! It will be screened on Saturday the 11th of February at Centre Cívic El Carmel, you can find more details including heaps more free activities on the official website.

Friday January 13, 2012

"all dressed up and nowhere to go..."
INEDITA is my new collection of once forgotten musical sketches that otherwise may never see the light of day. Keep an eye on my bandcamp page as I'll be posting more tracks along the way. Yay.

Sunday January 8, 2012

Happy new year everyone! What better way to start the year than with an interview. In this article for The Whistles I discuss my current and future collaborations, creative processes and my thoughts about Barcelona. Text written in Spanish and English.
Gracias a Andrés Aguilar Caro and The Whistles!

Saturday December 10, 2011

Earlier in the year on my first visit to Berlin, I was lucky enough to cross paths with a talented Portuguese artist, Tiago Margaça. Over the past 7 months, Tiago has created a stunnning visual representation of my piece Driplets, using his own stop motion and drawing techniques. We look forward to collaborating more in the near future, but for now, here is Driplets. Muito obrigado Tiago

Saturday November 19, 2011

During the week I was lucky enough to have my picture taken by photographer / journalist / writer, Andrés Aguilar Caro. Today he also published a lovely article about my music, how to sneak into birthday parties, and ponché fatal. You can read here on IT HUNTER. Grande Andrés!

Saturday November 5, 2011

...to truly loose one's self in the labyrinth is the only way out...

I'm very proud to launch this beautiful new video-clip for "Spanish Armada", filmed and directed by Jose Trías (Spain) and Chloé Billebault (France) .

Sunday September 25, 2011

After years of experimenting with sounds, Charo (aka Charrua, Berlin) and I finally got around to documenting one of our live sessions. Here we perform a brand new piece called ¨Not Letting Go¨ filmed by Sam Hollander at our flat in Barcelona.
Sawatdee kaaaaa!

Thursday August 11, 2011

Tour completed. It was a great success! We started off with a very special night for the album launch. It was an awesome turn out with lots of love in the room. We then loaded up the car and proceeded to make our way around Spain playing a total of 9 shows in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, L'Estartit and Figueres. Ciara Carruthers performed some sweet solo sets along the way, you can check out all her updates at ciaracarruthers.wordpress.com. Gerard whipped up some mean bass and acquired a new and wonderful nickname, Gerald Còrn, inspired by the many cornfields we passed along the way. Sam did an awesome job chauffeuring our asses around and keeping the Collective safe and sane. I'd like to thank all the venues, bar people and everyone who helped us along the journey. More tour photos up on my fbook page. ¡Muchisimas gracias a todos!

Monday August 8, 2011

Whilst away from home I received a couple of really beautiful reviews.
One from 3hive in the States and one from EcoSeven in Italia. Thanks so much for the kind words Sean and Andrea!

Saturday July 23, 2011

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Stutts (aka Lordx) for putting together a tasty remix of Gesture, taken from my new album Red Balance. You can check out the rest of Lordx's tunes up on Soundcloud. Cheers Tim!

PRESS RELEASE, Barcelona 4/7/2011

Album Launch: RED BALANCE

¨Red is the heart, and unlike the head as it knows no balance¨

On the 22nd of July 2011, Australian born multi-instrumentalist/composer Anna Morley will self-release the much anticipated second album entitled Red Balance. To be held at Inusual Project, Barcelona and followed by a promotional tour of Spain supported by Irish singer/songstress Ciara Carruthers. The launch will showcase Anna's new material accompanied by visual projections and a premiere video-clip screening by Portuguese stop-motion animator, Tiago Margaca.

With almost 20 years of performance experience, on stage Anna effortlessly executes and blends together an eclectic gamut of instrumentation including the vibraphone, and strives to deliver her music to international audiences through licensing, touring and collaborative opportunities. Anna's work has been described as ¨a wonderful exploration of contemporary music, which challenges the listener to look beyond the standard "verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo" format¨.

After the success of Morley's debut release Character, Anna reunites with UK based producer Alex Forster to create Red Balance- a fresh collection of electro-acoustic elements, incorporating a broad tapestry of live and electronic textures. Morley and Forster collaborated on the album over a period of almost 2 years between Barcelona and London to form a unique blend of new sounds, making Red Balance in a class of it's own.

Anna Morley Collective invites you to participate in the album launch at Inusual Project, C/Paloma 5, Barcelona on the 22nd of July 2011 at 9.30pm. The show is open to the public and entry is 3 euros. Limited edition copies of Red Balance will be available.


El 22 de julio, la instrumentalista / compositora australiana Anna Morley estrenará su tan esperado segundo álbum titulado Red Balance, en un acto que se celebrará en Inusual Project, Barcelona; seguido por una gira promocional por España con el apoyo de la cantautora irlandesa Ciara Carruthers. El lanzamiento incluirá los nuevos temas de Anna acompañados de proyecciones fotográficas y del estreno de su primer vídeo-clip de animación stop-motion, a cargo de el portugués Tiago Margaca.

Con casi 20 años de experiencia sobre el escenario, Anna ejecuta y combina a la perfección una gama ecléctica de instrumentos como el vibráfono. Su objetivo personal es compartir su obra musical con una audiencia internacional mediante una combinación de licencias, giras y colaboraciones. El trabajo de Anna ha sido descrito como ¨una maravillosa exploración de la música contemporánea que desafía al oyente a mirar más allá del canon formulaico "verso-estribillo-verso-estribillo-solo".

Tras el éxito de su álbum debut Character, Anna ha colaborado con el productor Alex Forster (UK) para concebir Red Balance mediante una combinación de elementos electro-acústicos y la incorporación de una gama de texturas electrónicas y extraídas del directo. Morley y Forster han trabajado durante un período de casi dos años repartidos entre Barcelona y Londres, para formar una mezcla única de sonidos innovadores y configurar Red Balance como algo aparte en la escena musical.

Anna Morley Collective te invita a participar en el presentación del álbum en Inusual Project, C / Paloma 5, Barcelona el 22 de julio de 2011 a las 21:30. La muestra está abierta al público y la entrada es 3 euros. Un número limitado de copias de Red Balance estará disponible.

*Album review of "Character" by Matthew Woodward.

Friday July 1, 2011

A haiku... A reflection... A concept...

Red Balance by Anna Morley

A new album.
To be launched on the 22nd of this month. The countdown begins...

Tuesday June 14, 2011

Today is my first time on the radio!
You can listen in to the program ¨Spotlight On The City - Barcelona, Spain¨
at BreakThru radio, New York, NY.

Sunday June 12, 2011

hey folks! today annamorley.com is born, hooray!
please do take a lil snoop around the site, we're still checking if everything works.
more news coming soon...